Want to understand how to build a member site using PHP, MYSQL and JavaScript?

If you are learning to code in PHP then Bootcake is both educational and a real time saver!

Rapid Deployment

Built in Installer. Get up and running fast so you can start learning and coding!


Easy to expand upon and scale in almost any direction!

Free and open Source

Bootcake is 100% free and open source.

Easy to style!

Bootcake uses Bootstrap 2 or 3 for styling. It also supports the creation of multiple style templates!

Easy to Setup

Bootcake is ideal for people learning to build php based web applications!

All you need is a web host and a MYSQL database! BootCake works on shared hosts like GoDaddy and HostGator or using localhost servers like XAMPP.

If you want to contribute visit us on Github!
As BootCake 3.0 is newly released and nobody knows it exists, we will wait to see if enough people want a forum, otherwise you can always use the GitHub Wiki..

All you need is a Web server and a MYSQl database!

Download Bootcake

Version 3.0.0 DOWNLOAD

Need a tutor?

I can tutor you via Skype or Hangouts if you want help learning to code or using/modding Bootcake.
I teach in English for $25/hr USD or $20/hr if you pay with Bitcoin.

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